Textile Art 2020

Textile Art: Kate Steane 2020

This year I made forty pieces of textile art and there are seven that I like more than the others.

My favourite piece this year I made in December; I have loved photographing reflections and I translated one into felt. The effect of the glued felt pieces on black felt excited me.

I have enjoyed paintings by John Piper for a long time and I have created a couple of fantasy churches with gravestones inspired by his (work machined felt).

White veined moths on tree trunks are worked in hand stitches.

At the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions I turned to working on a small tapestry – it was very time consuming, which was what was needed and I loved forming the camel. The image of a bat with extended wings came from seeing work by Graham Sutherland as a child. I was advised that a bat had thumbs by a wildlife specialist.